On 3/12/20 Tennessee Governor Bill Lee issued Executive Order #14 declaring a State of Emergency in Tennessee. On March 24th Roger Houck, City Manager of the City of Clinton, and Scott Burton, Mayor of the City of Clinton, by virtue of the power and authority vested by all applicable laws, declared a civil emergency and a local state of emergency within the City. This declaration has been extended for additional seven day increments as deemed necessary.

On April 24, 2020, Governor Lee announced a “phased reopening” of the State’s economy in order to bring back industries and businesses, including retail, and restaurants. This first phased reopening applies to 89 counties, including Anderson. The City of Clinton is legally bound to follow the recommendations and directives as described in these Executive Orders.

For the convenience of our citizens we have posted the executive orders signed since April 24th, 2020 that pertain to COVID-19.

Click on each link to read and download the orders:

EXECUTIVE ORDER #38 (signed 5/22/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #37 (signed 5/12/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #36 (signed 5/12/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #35 (signed 5/07/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #34 (signed 5/06/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #33 (signed 5/05/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #32 (signed 5/01/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #31 (signed 4/29/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #30 (signed 4/28/20)

EXECUTIVE ORDER #29 (signed 4/24/20)