Due to the great need to keep our children as safe as possible, the Clinton Fire Department has joined in the campaign to make sure car seats are installed the right way. The Clinton Fire Department recently received the “Safe Kids Coalition Award” for their work with child car seats. Research shows that four out of five child car seats are improperly installed. This puts the child at a greater risk for injury or death in the event of a vehicle crash.    

On the first Tuesday of every month from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, the Clinton Fire Department hosts a child seat inspection point. The department has partnered with several emergency agencies to make these events possible. The events are held at the Clinton Fire Station on Longmire Rd. (across form Big Lots). The events are completely free to the public and everyone is welcome. At the event, several trained and certified technicians will check the child seat and make sure it is the right seat for the child and insure it is installed properly. With the support of our partners at Safe Kids and Children’s Hospital, we are able to replace and unsafe seat that comes in, free of charge. On average, we replace about 50% of the seats that come into the station. There are a lot of aspects to installing a seat correctly, so the other half of our program is to educate the parent or guardian so they can reinstall the seat if it ever needs it. 

We would like to invite anyone with a child under the age of nine to stop by one of our events and get your seat checked. If you can’t make it to a checkpoint, call the fire department, (865) 457-2131, and we can make an appointment to check your seat.  We currently have five technicians in the fire department and several others in the county in our partnership to assist you. The check is quick and painless, and the comfort of knowing our children are as safe as possible is priceless.

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CFD Named Partner of the Year!