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City of Clinton Fire Dept is planning to host a 64 hour basic Firefighting class. Dates, times and cost for the training will be based on the number of persons who take part. If you are interested in the training.. please contact:
Lt. Bradley Allen

This course is designed to provide basic fire ground skills necessary to operate and perform on the fire ground. The program is geared to volunteer firefighters and others who are unable to attend longer duration programs. The course covers sections of NFPA 1403: Live Fire Training Evolutions meeting the basic skill level for the student to participate in “live” fire fighting training activities.
This course is a pre-requisite for students who wish to attend the 16-hour F111 - Firefighter I Live Burn course at the Academy. The student will receive a certificate for Basic Firefighting upon successful completion of written and practical testing.

Upon successful completion of this class, the student will meet the "Basic" component required in minimum training established in Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 4-24-112-2.