The Clinton Fire Department
employs 24 full-time professionals. Including our Chief, Assistant Chief, 21 uniformed firefighters and 1 mechanic. The department also utilizes 20 volunteer firefighters. The 21 uniformed personnel, who are divided into three shifts, perform several duties which include but are not limited to:

-Fire suppression
-High & low angle rope rescue
-Vehicle extrication
-Hazardous materials response & mitigation
-Emergency medical response
-Public Fire Education displays & special events
-Commercial Business Inspections
-Municipal water supply (hydrant) testing
2410-Captain Darrick Dugger
2411-Lieutentant Bill Ford
2412-Firefighter A.J. Harris
2413-Firefighter Joe Riggs
2414-Firefighter John Nelson
2415-Firefighter Chance Houck
2416-Firefightter Jordan Braden
2420-Captain Bradley Allen
2421-Lieutenant Daniel Adams
2422-Firefighter Josh Queener
2423-Firefighter Tyler Burton
2424-Firefighter JC Townsend
2425-Firefighter James Blakney
2426-Firefighter Bradden Madden
2430-Captain Anthony Braden
2431-Lieutenant CHris Patterson
2432-Firefighter Jeremy Bray
2433-Firefighter Brad Bittinger
2434-Firefighter Brice Kidwell
2435-Firefighter Steven Waggoner
2436-Firefighter Wade Slack
2401 - Chief Archie Brummitt                            2402 - Asst. Chief Jeff Little
2403 - Mike Loy                            2404 - Marty Stooksbury