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The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines, procedures and responsibilities for the usage of the Community Center facilities.


The Clinton Community Center shall be operated by the Clinton Recreation Department, and enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of the Clinton Recreation Department. The Board of Mayor and City Council must approve exception to this policy. The Clinton Community Center will be operated in accordance with the laws and ordinances of the City of Clinton, Anderson County, and the State of Tennessee.


Use of Facilities

The Clinton Recreation Department will strive to provide the residents of Clinton a desirable, useful facility for leisure time pursuits through a varied program of free play, special interest groups, instructional classes, sports, games and special events.

The building and its facilities shall serve the greatest number of people, and no person or organization shall be granted exclusive, continuous use of any part of the building.

The recreation department shall schedule the use of all Community Center facilities on a first-come, first-serve basis. At no time shall access to the vending machines be restricted.

The Community Center Facilities shall not be rented for political rallies or fund raisers. Candidate receptions and forums where all parties are invited are allowed with the approval of the director

The Community Center facilities shall not be rented or used for customary religious services by a established church or other religious organization. Churches and religious organizations may rent facilities for recreational purposes or special events.

To the satisfaction of Community Center staff the user must return the room in the same condition as he received it.

Because of the popularity of major holidays, any group or organization will be allowed to have only one major holiday facility reservation on file at a time. This will prevent a group or organization from securing exclusive use of the Clinton Community Center.

Users of Facilities

Applicants for use of Community Center facilities must satisfy the issuing office of the recreation department that either they are responsible personally or represent responsible local organization that will guarantee orderly behavior and will underwrite any damage due to their use of the premises. Liability is assumed by the recipient of the facility in regard to any personal or property damage arising out of activities of the recipient.

Proper supervision for all activities is the responsibility of the user. Certain large public functions at the Community Center require at lease one uniformed policeman on duty during the time of the activity. Acquisition and employment of the policeman is the responsibility of the user.

The recreation department shall determine the need of uniformed policemen and shall advise the user. The recreation department reserves the right to suspend individuals or groups from use of the Community Center for acts of misconduct.


Applications for facility use are available at the Clinton Community Center Monday through Friday from 08:00am to 04:00pm.

Reservations for facility use must be completed at least 24 hours in advance of use.

Instructions for furniture arrangement must be specified by the user at time of application.

Payment of Fees

Fees must be paid in advance of use.


The recreation department must be notified of a cancellation at least 24 hours in advance for a refund, with the exception of weather related emergencies which will be determined by the recreation department.

Normal Custodial Services

Normal custodial services included in room rentals:

Provides arrangement of furniture in rooms as specified by user at time of application.

Does not include gymnasium.

Assures that facility is neat and sanitary

Provides heat and ventilation

Unlocks doors and turns on lights. To minimize damage to equipment and floors all furniture arrangement must be handled by Community Center staff

Community Center Bowling


The Clinton Community Center will be open daily according to demand for a variety of activities.

Schedules are available at the Community Center.

Groups using the facilities assume complete responsibility for personal and property damage during use.

Re-occurring league users will be given membership priority to Clinton residents.

Recreation department sponsored activities will have scheduling priority.

Bowling center rates are as follows:

Shoe rental $1.25

Public Bowling $1.75

League Bowling $1.25

Senior Bowling $1.00

Exercise Room


The Exercise room is available daily for free use. No person under 13 years of age shall be allowed to use the exercise equipment during periods of public use.

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