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The percentage of crimes solved, by CPD officers and detectives, was up in 2013.. while the total number of crimes occurring was down. Police Chief Rick Scarbrough says..  "The numbers are moving in the right direction,.. and that's good news for everyone in Clinton."
According to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (T.B.I.) crime statistic information, in 2013, CPD cleared nearly half of the reported crimes. Up about 5% from the 2012 numbers.  Clinton PD's 2012 "percentage of crimes cleared" figures are higher than most other area agencies. That means our officers are solving more cases!   A total of 888 substantial offenses were reported to the Clinton Police in 2013. That number is down from 1,116 reported in 2012.

Looking at the past ten years (since 2003).. the clearance rate has improved by 15.23 percent. Total reported crime is down by 36%.  Chief Scarbrough added: “The most improved number is crime against persons, down by 44%.  Although we see some increase in shoplifting type crimes, over all.. property crime is down.”

Reports indicate that crimes against society (drugs, gambling, weapons) were also down from 2003.. by 32%
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