If you truly want to help stray animals, it is best to be properly armed in advance. This involves careful research and significant knowledge. Do this research at bookstores, libraries, and at your veterinarianís office, talk to the local animal shelter's staff, ask the public health department for information on rabies, and be prepared in any way you can be.

It is not always easy to have this information already under your belt when you run across a dog that has been hit by a car. So use your best judgment, and always stay on the side of caution.

If you want to help but are not sure what to do, call Clinton Police - Animal Control, at 865-457-3112.. and ask for help. If the animal is blocking the road, make sure you are not at risk of being hit by a car while helping the animal.

Do not try to treat the animal for its medical condition if you are not trained to do so. As with a human, you can sometimes cause more damage than good.

If you can, move the animal to the side of the road so it is not hit again, that can be helpful. On the other hand, an animal in pain can act aggressively. That is why it is so crucial to be armed with knowledge ahead of time.

If you have a cell phone, call the nearest vet's office to ask for help. Maybe they can send someone out to help. Maybe they can offer advice over the phone. Perhaps they will ask you to bring the animal to their office. Make sure you are safe in doing this. You are the best judge, provided you have done your research in advance.

It is always tempting to help an animal in need. Some people simply can't turn away. But remember, you will not help the animal if you hurt yourself in the process.