Brush will be collected twice each month on a PER REQUEST BASIS. A schedule showing the collection days for each street is posted CLICK HERE. (Leaf collections and household garbage collections are separate operations with different collection days.) Residents needing brush collection should call 865-457-6495 and leave a voice message with their address and phone number. Brush left for collection must meet the following guidelines:

A maximum quantity of two brush piles 4 feet wide x 4 feet tall and 10 feet long will be collected from each household per visit.

Our equipment is unable to collect brush placed beneath overhead obstructions, such as tree limbs or low hanging utility cables.

Brush must be brought to the curbside and not placed in the street, on sidewalks, or where it blocks utility meters, poles, or fire hydrants.

Brush and limbs shall be neatly stacked in 4 x 4 piles with the ends facing the same direction. Leaves or other debris may not be mixed with brush.

Please call about stumps or limbs larger than 12 inches diameter.

Lumber or construction waste materials will not be collected.

Commercial, industrial, construction, or land clearing projects are not included in the brush collection program and will not be collected.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation!