Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act
In April 2015, Tennessee passed the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act to increase awareness of sudden cardiac arrest among coaches, parents and athletes.

The legislation, Public Chapter 325, has three key components:
1. To inform and educate coaches, youth athletes and their parents and require them to sign a sudden cardiac arrest information form before competing.
2. To require removal of a youth athlete who appears to have symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest from play or practice at the time of symptoms.
3. To require a youth athlete to be cleared by a licensed health care professional before returning to play or practice.

Both public and private school sports and recreational leagues for children under age 18 that require a fee are affected by the new law. The law covers all sports.

Below you will find links for the required forms, trainings and guidelines that will equip coaches, parents and athletes to recognize and respond to sudden cardiac arrest.

Parent-Athlete Signature Form
Parent-Athlete Signature Form - Spanish Version

Coaches/Athletic Director Signature Form
Coaches and Athletic Directors Signature Form - Spanish Version

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Tennessee Sports Concussion Law
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act
ADA Policies and Procedures
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